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The Category of Gold bangles

The Category of Gold bangles contains various styles and designs of gold bangle bracelets, these consist of mainly two types, one that can open and the other type, which has to be slipped over the hand, bangles that have to be slipped over the hand, require the exact size. All bangles sizes are given in Inches, which is the inner diameter of the bangle, if you need the length or inner circumference of the bangle, you may look up and compare the sizes of bangles
The bangles category has eight sub-categories of gold bangles which are categorized as per their description and type of finish, although the bangles have different kind of finishes these are just on the surface coated like paint, the base gold is always solid 22 karat purity in all jewelry, the categories are described below, in detail:
Gold Bangles: This sub-category consist of gold bangles which are mostly solid gold, they do not have any stones, these are very well crafted and consist of both the opening, bracelet kind and the non opening bangles which have to be slipped over the hand, they are available in various finishes like two color, tricolor, hand painted, white etc.
Precious stone bangles: This sub-category has a collection of gold bangles studded with precious stones like Emeralds, Rubies and sapphires, these are basically of two types the opening kind and the non opening kind, the opening type have a hinge, the bangles that have a hinge can easily be worn by a person that requires a one size smaller or two size larger.
Stone bangles: These are bangles that are studded with semi-precious stones, and also available in both the non opening and the hinge opening kind, the stones available are pearls, corals, jades, garnets etc.
Exquisite Bangles: The exquisite bangles, as the name suggests are very intricate in design more for occasional wear, most of the designs are very ornate in their making, many with filigree work done by some of the worlds best artisans and craftsmen
Single Bangle : If you wish to purchase just a single bangle, you may browse this sub-category, if you wish to purchase a pair or more, please check the other sub-categories under the main-category Bangles
Set of Bangles: The bangles in this category are sold as a set, set of bangles may consist of a pair or more bangles, the set of six and set of 8 bangles sometime have two bangles which are wider then the rest. In a set of six bangles the wider bangles in the set are to be worn at the ends, if worn on both wrists, the wider bangle is worn in between two thin bangles, on each wrist. The Gold bangles available in this category are displayed as a set of bangles and sold as a sets i.e. you may not purchase a single bangle, to purchase a single bangle please browse the other sub-categories under Bangles The price quoted in this category is for the whole set of bangles. We may in some cases have single bangles or pairs available, which are same or similar to these, if interested, you may inquire by email at to know if we do, if we have them in stock, we will sell you a single bangle, a pair or more.
Two Tone bangles: These bangles are similar to gold bangles but with a two tone finish like like yellow and white, white and black, or any other combination of finishes, this again is only on the surface, like a thin coat as in painting, to enhance the beauty, underneath all of the bangles we sell are all solid 22k gold.


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Gold bangles are used in almost every festivals, ceremonies among every class of people it has no religious rest ruction among any community. It symbolizes LOVE not only in India but in every part of the world BANGLES are one of the important ornaments which an woman tend to bangles price

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