Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rings and Bands:

This Main category contains all type of Rings and bands, made in 22 karat Gold, Precious and Semi-Precious stones, these are segregated into four sub-categories the sub-categories individually have a collection of different types of gold rings, which are explained in detail below:

Stone rings: This Sub-category of gold rings contains all rings made with 22kt gold, and they are all studded or embedded with stones both precious and semi-precious in nature, these rings contain stones like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, corals, garnets, pearls and many more, for diamond rings please visit the Diamond Jewelry main and sub-categories.

Gold Bands: This Sub-category as the name suggest contains all types of gold bands, these are suitable as wedding bands, and also for casual wear, these come in both the hand-made designs which are imported, as well as the machine cut, which are both imported and made here in the USA. The gold bands are of many different types, varying in thickness and widths as well as in the finishes they have on the surface. The wedding bands have been designed in yellow gold, white gold, two-color, tri-color, thin edge, thick edge, comfort fit, half round, rhombus, taper etc. some of them can be custom ordered in different sizes.


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